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Santino De La Tore (aka SDLT) is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, songwriter and vocalist. Santino now operates his own studio in Los Angeles where he resides. He composes and produces his solo albums as well as music for Start-up’s Apps and commercials. Santino’s compositions are regularly placed in major Hollywood Films and TV series.

With a multifaceted artistic career spanning from South America to the United States, Santino’s journey began in the heart of Peru, in Lima. With his debut appearance in Peru’s first heavy metal band Sentencia in the early 80’s,

Santino quickly became a new, strong sensation in the local rock music scene. His career skyrocketed in the mid-90’s when he rose to fame as a member of Frágil, South America’s most renowned and prestigious progressive rock band.

Santino thus came to embody the charismatic live performer most Latino fans identify him with. It was during that period that touring became an intrinsic part of his life. Santino toured in Latin America and United States, appearing as a featured guest in multitudes of top tier media and TV shows.

In spite of his quick rise to eminence in South America, Santino decided to leave it all behind and pursue the American Dream. In 1997 he relocated from Perú to California where his musical talents merged with fellow musicians to form LIKIDO, a band he formed and led for 3 years.The music industry veteran Miles Copeland (The Police, Sting, IRS Records) spotted Santino performing at a club in Los Angeles and invited him to his castle in France to discuss his career. Per his suggestions, Santino started his solo career; a path that led him to an array of personal and professional achievements.

As of 2005, Santino’s music began to appear in Hollywood and TV series with his debut placement being featured in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. His compositions have since been featured in The Shield, Prison Break, Employee of the Month, Kidnapped and Homeland, to name but a few.

Santino has received a multitude of distinguished awards, such as the Billboard Songwriting Award and has been recurrently rated 5 stars by Latin and American Media. 

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